Class2 Certificate

Class-2 Certificates are issued as Managed Digital Certificates to employees/ partners/ affiliates/ customers of business and government organizations that are ready to assume the responsibility of verifying the accuracy of the information submitted by their employees/ partners/ affiliates/ customers.

Class-2 Certificates are issued following a top down approach. The entire organization is treated as a Sub-CA/RA. The organization is given a Digital Certificate signed by TCS-CA to initiate the process of issuing Certificates to its employees/ partners/ affiliates/ customers. The Sub-CA/RA in turn requests the issue of Digital Certificates for employees/ partners/ affiliates/ customers of the organization from TCS-CA. In the case of a Class-2 Certificate, the verification of details supplied with the request for a Digital Certificate is done by the organization appointed as a Sub-CA/RA under the TCS-CA Trust Network.

Class-2 Certificates issued under the TCS-CA Trust Network are legally valid under the Indian IT Act 2000.


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